Missionaries Recruit Children to Influence Their Classmates
Some 200 youngsters attend missionary event, despite law banning such activity involving minors

In an astounding, unprecedented development, some 200 children attended an event last month sponsored by missionaries that showed them how to lure their classmates to cults.

The event, held in Ashdod on Oct. 22, was in clear violation of Israeli, which bars missionary activity involving minors.

Yad L'Achim obtained an invitation to the event, sent by the "Beis Hillel" missionary congregation, which left no doubt as to organizers' intentions. "At this meeting, we will conduct a learning session at which you'll be able to discover how be creative in spreading the gospel [i.e., the message of that man] to youngsters your age at school, and how to become part of a movement that is 13 years old and is developing with great success in 20 countries around the world."

The invitation concludes with an emotional appeal: "If you want to change the world for J., this meeting is for you." Close to 200 young people, belonging to the Messianic Jews cult, received detailed guidance on how to make contact with youths their age at school and convince them to leave their faith.

In order to attract a large crowd, the invitation promised that the event would feature young artists playing all kinds of music.

The event was held at the "Beis Hillel" missionary congregation, located on Rechov Ha'orgim 20. The chairman of Yad L'Achim, Harav Shalom Dov Lipschitz, expressed outrage at the event. "Anyone needing further evidence that the missionaries are breaking the law with impunity received it with this serious, criminal gathering," he said. "While the Israeli public continues to display indifference, the missionaries continue to do as they please to advance their dark goals, to get as many Jews as possible to convert out of their religion."

Yad L'Achim's legal department has filed a complaint with the police in the matter.

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