Yad L'Achim's New Anti-Missionary Campaign is 'Preventive Medicine'



A poster inviting the public to attend a special program that sheds light on how the missionaries operate

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In a bid to educate the public as to the enticements and dangers of the missionaries operating throughout Israel, Yad L'Achim has launched a major campaign billed, "As every child knows: Not everyone who gives you a gift has your best interest in mind."

The campaign is a form of preventive medicine aimed at enlightening large sectors of the public as to the truth about the missionaries, including how they operate, the lies they employ to sell their venomous message, and the dangers of getting caught in their net.

Street posters across the country invite the public to attend special evenings featuring R' Binyamin Kluger, a former senior missionary who converted to Judaism after being forced to acknowledge that his preaching was rife with lies and deception.

Today, R' Kluger has "switched sides" and holds a senior position with Yad L'Achim, where he uses his knowledge and experience to save other Jews from falling into the missionaries' clutches.

The second part of the educational evening – which is free and which features no appeals for donations – is a question and answer session. The crowd asks questions that are answered by a panel of Yad L'Achim experts. R' Kluger's talk and the question and answer session shine a bright spotlight on the shadowy activities of the missionaries and warn the public of its vulnerabilities to the cults. Furthermore, it gives people signs to watch out for to prevent a tragedy involving friends and family.

Those who attend these evenings are exposed to the hair-raising statistics on the scope of missionary activity in Israel, which doesn't overlook any sector or ethnic group among the Jewish people.

After holding more than 10 such events, Yad L'Achim is receiving feedback indicating that the program is meeting a strong need. "You've opened our eyes," wrote one man who attended a recent evening in Ariel, in the Shomron.

"We knew that you were battling them in our city, but we had no idea what they're capable of doing and who they really are," wrote an Arad resident who attended an evening in his town.

"As a father of youngsters who on more than one occasion have brought home material that is distributed to them at shopping malls and on the promenade, I now understand the need to clarify to them the dangers this material represents. Thank you," wrote a Jewish father in Rechovot.

Yad L'Achim officials say these educational events have proven themselves and the program will be expanded across the country. A special emphasis will be placed on neighborhoods and communities that the missionaries are especially targeting.
"Their plot won't succeed," a top official said.

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