Missionary activities

'The Most Important Thing We in Jews for Jesus Have Ever Done'

Missionaries have launched a massive advertising campaign that includes buses, billboards and the print media

'Anti-Missionary Bill Undermines Freedom of Expression'

A legal opinion prepared by the Justice Ministry opposes legislation that would strengthen efforts to combat missionary activities in Israel

Playing the Victim to the Hilt

The recent attack on the son of a leading missionary is being blamed on chareidim and used to stymie Yad L'Achim's legitimate efforts to stop the missionaries in Israel

MK Rabbi Cohen addresses the rally

Hundreds Rally Against Missionaries in Arad

A Evangelist on the Board of the Jewish Agency

The Jewish Agency will include a Evangelist on its board of directors in exchange for a pledge by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to contribute NIS 180 million over the next three years for immigration and absorption.

Reform, Scientologists Team Up Against Yad L’Achim

In an unlikely coincidence, the Reform movement and the Scientology cult both recently asked the attorney general to disband Yad L’Achim on the provocative grounds that it “acts against religious minorities.”

Bombs and Missionaries in Sderot

Taking advantage of the fear and distress in this western Negev town, cults are knocking on doors with promises of ‘salvation’

Yad L’Achim Warns of Planned Evangelical Village at the Kinneret

A plan to build an evangelical village on the shores of the Kinneret is back on the agenda, warns Yad L’Achim president, raising concern that the facility will be turned into a missionary center

Yad L’Achim Stymies Army of Missionaries at Kinneret Gathering

Some 400 missionaries took advantage of a Chol Hamo’ed event to spread their poison among young Jews. Yad L’Achim was there to fend them off

‘I Was Fooled’

This startling confession from a cult member to his faithful readers followed 18 hours of intensive discussion with Yad L’Achim representatives

"We're going to kill you and your kids"

Last Friday afternoon the phone rang in the Yad L'achim offices in Jerusalem. The person on the other line asked to speak to Rabbi Klugger who is a senior activist of the anti-missionary department.

Yad L'Achim Blocks Missionary ‘Shul’ in Rechavia

Plans by the missionary congregation Roeh Yisrael to establish the first missionary "shul" in Rechavia, the heart of Jerusalem, were foiled by Yad L'Achim.

The Haircut That Saved a Jew

Lured by promises that the cult would fill her empty fridge, Mrs. L was on the verge of undergoing baptism – until Yad L’Achim gave her a chance to experience genuine Jewish joy

A New Low -12-Year-Old Missionaries!

When Yad L’Achim learned of a child missionary who operates in a Jewish school, it made an impassioned appeal to the school’s principal

Arad Court Imposes Restraining Order Against Violent Missionary

Violence perpetrated by missionaries in Arad spun out of control, when the city’s Chief Rabbi, Harav Ben Zion Lipsker, was brutally attacked by a missionary near the city market.

Missionaries Dialing Bnei Brak Homes


Court Overturns Injunction Against Beersheva Chief Rabbi

Missionary dressed as chareidi sofer sought court’s protection from Rav

A First: Bris on a Bus

The mohel was shocked to find a family living in a bus, and the rest of Israel was shocked at something Yad L’Achim has long known: the extent of poverty among immigrants

Missionary Ship Hits Choppy Yad L’Achim Waters

Evidence unearthed by Yad L’Achim has led Jewish communities in Ukraine to sever ties with a Christian group that brings immigrants to Israel

Home’ Is Where the Missionaries Reign

A villa in Jerusalem was being used to lure mixed-up youngsters from religious homes into the hands of messianic cults – until the plan was discovered and foiled by Yad L’Achim investigators
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