Moment of Decision For Two Jewish Children!

The children`s uncle,

The children's uncle issues a personal plea:


Two Jewish children, aged four and two, my sister's sons, are now in Hungary, caught up in a legal storm that will decide whether they are raised by their Jewish mother, and receive a Jewish education, or, G-d forbid, grow up in the home of a cruel, heartless non-Jew.

Yad L'Achim has provided our family with more than NIS 100,000 so that we could hire top lawyers in Hungary and wage a complex legal battle. We're now at the crucial stage, ahead of a final verdict, and we're desperate for significant additional funding to continue to benefit from the services of these lawyers and to bring the hoped-for results, which appear closer than ever.


Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievski added his handwritten remarks to a summary of our tragic story: "All of the above is correct and it is a great mitzvah to help [and those who do] will be blessed with all good."

The boys' non-Jewish father persists in feeding them treif food as a means of exacting revenge from their mother, their heritage and the Jewish people. Will he succeed in his devious plan? Will he be given the chance to raise these sweet neshamos as non-Jews? Will a Jewish mother lose her case because she can't afford to go up against a wealthy non-Jew?

I beg of you, merciful Jews, please have mercy on my sister who is returning to authentic Judaism. Have mercy on her innocent children who are crying out "Ema, don't leave us." Give generously.

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