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Scientology Facing Murky Future in France

Scientology Sued for Fraud in France; Conviction Could Lead to Banning

Top Scientologists face fraud trial

PARIS, France (AP) French judicial officials say the Church of Scientology and seven of its top members are to stand trial on fraud charges.

Jailed "Messianic Jews" officially classified as Protestants want kosher meals.

Messianic Jewish inmates claim discrimination. Ohio prisons label them Protestants, deny them more-costly kosher meals.

Yad L'Achim Sends Special Emissary to Ukraine


Missionaries Using 'Torah Shiurim' as Bait


Missionaries Masquerade as Yad L'Achim Activists


Rabbis call for Bible Quiz boycott

The call to boycott the quiz came after Yad L'Achim, a anti-missionary organization, discovered that one of the finalists was a Messianic Jew.

Authorities in Belgium raid Church of Scientology


Jehovah blood death inquest

A THREE day inquest is due to start into the death of a Jehovah’s Witness mum who died after she refused a blood transfusion following the birth of twins.

219 children, women taken from sect's ranch


Woman who killed two Scientologists pleads not-guilty


Holy cow lawsuit

A popular Hindu temple near London has sued Britain’s largest animal welfare charity saying it had illegally carried out the mercy killing of a cow that was under the temple’s care.

Anonymous on Trial? Scientology Steps Up Skirmish

More members of Anonymous are finding out the real costs of doing battle with Scientology.

Man beheaded in Kenya: police

NAIROBI - A man was beheaded in central Kenya by members of the Mungiki sect, a shadowy group blamed for a string of crimes in the country, police said on Saturday.

Russia doomsday cult members leave cave hideout

MOSCOW - Seven female members of a Russian cult have come out of the cave where they have been awaiting the end of the world, but 28 people are still underground, Russian media reported on Saturday.

Jehovah's Witnesses grow by 'devious' methods, charge anti-missionaries


Tragedy and identity crisis in Ariel attack


Russia: Doomsday cult faces criminal charges

Local prosecutors in Russia’s Penza region have launched a criminal case against a doomsday cult that's been holed up in a cave for almost six months. Around thirty of its followers, including children, barricaded themselves in an underground bunker last November and are still believed to be there.

Japan marks 13th anniversary of deadly subway gas attacks

TOKYO — Japan on Thursday marked the 13th anniversary of the 1995 deadly subway nerve gas attacks, with victims' families and colleagues calling on the government for help.

Yoga class of their own

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