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Russian doomsday sect's cave saved from flooding


Unlicensed Scientology kindergartens operating in Tel Aviv

At least three kindergartens spread out through Israeli urban sprawl offer children educational teachings of controversial cultist movement. Only one institute received municipal approval, but failed to note its religious leanings

Vedic City woman charges herbs caused lead poisoning; sues Maharishi corporations

DES MOINES - A woman who claims she contracted lead poisoning after taking an herbal preparation marketed as a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi product is suing Maharishi corporations in federal court.

We pay for seminars

TAXPAYERS are picking up the bill to send police officers and bureaucrats on a controversial personal enlightenment course.

New rules could threaten charity status of Jehovah's Witnesses

NEW DRAFT guidelines for religious charities could pose a threat to Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Church of England Newspaper has learnt.


The gospel truth: Falun Gong

Followers of Falun Gong say it's a spiritual movement with no political motives. But the community's sometimes alienating methods of protesting their persecution, and their evasiveness over links to front organisations, don't help their cause, writes Tim Hume.

Russian doomsday cave cult could be gassed or poisoned - paper


Agents visit Davidian site 15 years after botched raid


Brazil's Christian Church Loses First 5 of About 100 Lawsuits Against Press


Scientology kindergarten shut down


Knesset working on bill to outlaw membership in racist, neo-Nazi organizations


Preaching the miracle of money

EVANGELICAL faith healer Pastor Benny Hinn claims he can cure the sick, make the crippled walk and rid terminally ill patients of cancer.

Fire in Doomsday sect bunker

The followers of a Doomsday sect, holed up in an underground bunker, were nearly killed in a fire, according to the Russian Tvoy Den newspaper. It reports that one of the young girls accidentally dropped a candle during prayer.

Worldwide protest against Scientology

It started on the Web, but wound up on the streets worldwide. The Church of Scientology says it will try to identify protesters.

Heaven's Gate Cult Member Speaks


Top Wikipedia Editor Censoring Negative Content On a Cult

One of Wikipedia's top 3 editors is a longtime student of Prem Rawat, the India-born spiritual leader who is largely considered to be a cult leader. This leads to an extreme conflict of interest because he maintains and edits the guru's page. But you can ’t report a Conflict of Interest because he's the head of that council too.

Maharishi dead at 91


Rev. Creflo Dollar could get subpoena

U.S. senator seeking financial information says that might be next step

Investigators deny report of Russian doomsday sect member deaths

NIZHNY NOVGOROD - All members of the Russian doomsday sect holed up in a cave in the Penza Region since fall are in good health despite reports that some have died, investigators said on Thursday.

Hard Questions For "Prosperity Gospel"

NEWARK, Texas - Last November, Sen. Charles Grassley launched a public investigation into the ministries of six top televangelists who attract thousands of followers and collect hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. Grassley is demanding financial records to determine whether these churches deserve their tax exempt status. CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian takes a hard look at one target: Kenneth Copeland, the so-called "godfather" of "prosperity gospel."
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