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How I survived being starved, beaten and tortured by my Jehovah's Witness foster mother


Brazilian Sect Files 28 Lawsuits Against Brazil's Largest Newspaper

Brazilian journalist Elvira Lobato and the newspaper for which she works, Folha de S. Paulo, the largest daily in Brazil, are the target of at least 28 lawsuits filed by 28 members of the Brazilian-founded and based Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God).

Is Scientology dangerous?

As an historian compares a Tom Cruise PR video for Scientology to the work of Goebbels, Chris Ayres reports from LA: is the organization a dangerous cult, or a harmless celebrity club?

German academic compares Tom Cruise to Goebbels

Respected German historian Guido Knopp has compared a speech by US actor Tom Cruise to the Church of Scientology with a call to war by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Cruise extols Scientology in 2004 video (CNN)

2004 video part of ceremony honoring Cruise for humanitarian work

Kabbalah: The star-studded spiritualism

Kabbalah comes off well in latest tome but religion professor makes some sweeping statements

(Falun) Gong New Year event mere propaganda

You don't get well, but you do get the point at tacky New Year event

Brazilian police investigate TV network acquisition by sect leader

Brazil's Federal Police have reopened their investigation into the purchase of TV network Record by Bishop Edir Macedo, leader of the sect known as the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), local media reported on Friday.

Are U.S. Troops Being Force-Fed Christianity?

Watchdog Group Alleges that Improper Evangelizing Is Occurring Within the Ranks

Scientology Faces Criminal Charges


Father of dead Jehovah's Witness girl can sue church

CALGARY— The father of a teenaged Jehovah's Witness who refused blood transfusions can proceed with legal action on behalf of her estate against the church, the Alberta Court of Appeal has ruled.

Top 10 Problems with Scientology


Not so fast, Christian soldiers

The Pentagon has a disturbing relationship with private evangelical groups.

Evangelical pastor told to leave Israel

An American evangelical pastor and his wife who have been living in Israel for nearly two decades have been ordered to leave the country within two weeks, after their request for permanent residency was turned down, officials said on Thursday.

A bridge too far

Two weeks ago, the publication of 18 new books by Hubbard was celebrated at Kibbutz Shfayim. In addition, the "ideal organization" project to build new Scientology centers in the world's major cities was unveiled. Like Gothic cathedrals, these magnificent edifices are intended to emphasize the insignificance of the simple believer. The event was attended by local Scientologists and their families, who have donated funds for a grand new center planned for Tel Aviv.

Healing pastor Benny Hinn exposed

Watch the entire documentary online

Brainwash summer camp

They run summer camps for children and teach them all about love and modesty. They even hand out awards. Yet, it turns out that behind the volunteers of the Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East stands the disputed Scientology sect. Association members insist they are not missionaries. 'Our aim is to teach values,' they say. The surprised parents are not convinced. 'How come they run such activities without even asking us?'

Rael sect seeks converts in Japan

Hundreds were gathering here Monday to study the teachings of the controversial Rael sect, which believes extraterrestrials created Earth, as the group sought to expand its largest base of Japan.

Mormon Missionaries And How They Harass The World!! (video)

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