Winter covers

We have mentioned in this section that in the year 1950, the big Aliyah from Iraq commenced. In a campaign called "Ezra & Nechemia", more than 100,000 Olim were brought to Israel, within a span of some twenty months. Yad L'achim stood in the forefront at the time, to safeguard and preserve the religious character of this important Aliyah.

The winter of 1950 was cold and harsh. In those days the activists of Yad L'achim made rounds in many religious settlements, and collected blankets and warm clothing. The large stock of warm clothes, hats, scarves, socks, gloves and blankets was loaded on trucks, and brought to the "Ma'abarot" transit camps, in an operation named "Winter covers".

In this picture which captures a moment during the operation of distributing the warm clothes and blankets to the needy Olim in the "Ma'abarot", you can see immigrants standing in line in the cold by the Yad L'achim trucks.

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