Miracles of Rav Nissim

Founding Chairman of Yad L'achim, Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifshitz zt"l, in a meeting in Rav Nissim's office. The topic – Yad L'achim is reporting to the Chief Rabbi about the immigrants' absorption problems, detailing the spiritual travails the immigrants were encountering in the immigration camps
words of encouragement which Rav Nissim sent to Yad L'achim, dated 15 Kislev 5717, 19th of November, 1956


Rav Yitzchack Nissim zt"l, served as the Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel a title known as - "Rishon Li'Tzion" during the years 1955-1972, was a staunch and energetic supporter of Yad L'achim. He is famous for his scholarly compilation שו"ת "יין הטוב"

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