‘We Treat Depressed Jews… And Bring Them to Christianity’

A section of the German newsletter sent by missionaries to potential donors

“There are people who suffer from depression and insecurity. We treat them, and gently bring them to Christianity… Dear donors, we can ease the distress and lead people to Christianity.”

This astounding confession, signed by two missionaries who operate in Israel, Sonya and Charles Reichenbrach, comes from an internal memo of the “Rea-Israel” cult that was sent to donors in Switzerland.

It was obtained by Yad L’Achim and is further proof that missionaries prey on the weakest sectors of society, taking advantage of distress to bring Jews to Christianity.

The memo lists the missionaries’ target groups as “single mothers, widows, orphans, Holocaust survivors, needy people of all sorts,” and details the kinds of activities they use to lure them. “We distribute meals and approach people, praying with them and referring them to the Messianic rehabilitation center… the need for a community center has become more urgent and during the week many meetings are held.”

One paragraph in the document relates to how the missionaries keep unsuspecting Jews from figuring out what they’re up to. The missionaries are careful to refer themselves as a “community” or “congregation” rather than as a church, and they refer to “J” as Yeshua.

The memo goes on to offer potential donors a tour of Israel that includes meetings with “the director of clinical rehabilitation, the director of a soup kitchen that distributes 25,000 free meals to children and adults, and other surprises.”

If this weren’t bad enough, the detailed document describes the methods the missionaries employ among various target audiences: for the blind, missionary material is printed in Braille; for the deaf, a group of missionaries has been trained in sign language, and for the brain-damaged, some missionaries have undergone special training to learn how to communicate.

The missionaries boast of the many Jews they have converted to Christianity, R’l, in recent years through these deceitful practices, despite the daily, determined battle waged by Yad L’Achim against the cults.

Yad L’Achim chairman Harav Shalom Dov Lifschitz said this week: “It is astonishing to see how the missionaries struggle over every Jewish soul, from every sector, even the weakest, in order to get him to convert out of his religion to Christianity, R’l.

“We must learn from our enemies; we must fight with all our strength and not give up on any Jew who could fall, G-d forbid, into the arms of the missionaries.”

Rav Lifschitz added that our response must be, in addition to shock and prayers on behalf of these victimized Jews, intensive lobbying for Knesset legislation that will effectively ban missionary activity in Israel.