2019 US Achmed ben Sara Tour across the US, just announced. by: Shifra Goldberg
Achmed ben Sara is a name that would raise eyebrows in any Jewish community. It is also the name of a speaking tour, traveling cities throughout North America, showcasing the hair-raising stories of Jewish women and children trapped in Arab villages.
Films of Rescue from Captivity
Deprogramming from Missionaries & Cults
Assimilation and Intermarriage
The danger of the new assimilation. A mixed school

Yad L'Achim: Israel Acts Against Assimilation Abroad, but Supports Groups that Encourage Assimilation at Home

An article published in Haaretz points to a worrisome increase in the number of students learning in bilingual kindergartens and elementary schools that bring together Jews and Arabs.
The article is based on research done by the Knesset at the request of MK Yousef Jabareen (the Joint List) that points to a 60 percent increase in mixed learning over the past five years, to 1,700 students.
Born anew. Binyamin (previously Kamal) putting on Tefillin

Youth Cruelly Cut Off from Jewish Mother and Raised in Arab Village, Reunited With His People

No family members were present when Kamal, 19, underwent a hatafas dam bris ceremony and received his new Jewish name, Binyamin.
But Yad L'Achim officials, who have been at Binyamin's side for the past two years, were at the ceremony, performed by a mohel from the Bris Yosef Yitzchak organization. They were also there the next day when Binyamin immersed in the mikvah in the presence of Rabbinical Court judges in Haifa, completing his "return to Judaism" process. This is a process that is available to Jews who left their religion and are now returning of their own volition.
Missionary Material Sent to State-Religious Schools Throughout Israel

Missionary Material Sent to State-Religious Schools Throughout Israel

Tens of thousands of packages containing missionary material were sent recently to Rabbis, ritual slaughterers and public officials, as well as to dozens of elementary schools around Israel.
Yad L'Achim headquarters in Bnei Brak was inundated with complaints. Particularly infuriating was that the material came together with copies of the "new testament," R"l.
Children attend the Yad L'Achim chess club, instead of one run by the missionaries

Haifa: Yad L'Achim Persuades Chess Teacher to Leave Missionary Club

Missionaries in Haifa have been on Yad L'Achim's radar for some time now. Of late, they have been attracting children and youths via after-school programs, including those in computers, art and, the biggest draw, a chess club led by a professional instructor.
Harav Eliezer Rismack, head of the Ohalei Yaakov Yeshivah for French immigrants

French Mother Fears Son Will Be Kidnapped to Tunisia; Yad L'Achim Brings Mother and Son to Israel

The hysterical phone call in French, punctuated with outbursts of tears, was obviously an exceptional case. The operator manning Yad L'Achim's hotline transferred the call to the organization's French-language division for immediate care.
Some of the survivors at lunch in the Jewish Quarter as part of the tour.

'Day of Torah' and Special Tour Ends with Joyous Dancing at the Kosel

Seventeen Jews who were rescued this year from Christian cults participated recently in a special Yad L'Achim tour that strengthened their connection to Judaism.
Some of the children of survivors pray for donors at Rachel's Tomb

Dozens of Yad L'Achim Survivors Offer Heartfelt Prayers at Rachel's Tomb

Dozens of Jewish women rescued by Yad L'Achim from Arab villages over the past year came to Rachel's Tomb on the occasion of her yahrtzeit and offered heartfelt prayers.
Among the women were those rescued from Umm el Fahm, Tulkarem, Issawiya, Qalansawe, Yatta and other villages.
The invitation to tour "Houses from the Inside" hangs from the gate of a church in Jerusal

Once Again, Jerusalem Municipality Cooperating with Missionaries

In a worrisome development, cooperation between the Jerusalem municipality and missionary groups associated with the "Messianic Jews" has been on the rise.
Yad L'Achim Wages Legal Battle for Custody of Jewish Infant

Yad L'Achim Wages Legal Battle for Custody of Jewish Infant

Yad L'Achim's legal team is waging a fierce battle for the future of a two-year-old Jewish girl.
No shame – a missionary distributes material to a child at The Jerusalem March.

Shocking: Missionaries Preach to Thousands Attending 'Jerusalem March'

Dozens of calls were received by Yad L'Achim's hotline last week complaining of missionaries taking advantage of a major Succos event in Jerusalem to try and convince Jews to convert out of their religion.
Posting Yad L'Achim notices on the streets of Uman warning innocent Jews of missionaries in the area

Yad L'Achim Team Flown to Uman for Rosh Hashana to Counter Missionaries

A special Yad L'Achim team was flown to Ukraine during the Rosh Hashana season to counter members of the Christian cult "Messianic Jews" who had arrived in the city with missionary material in Hebrew.
A Bar Mitzvah that is being celebrated 37 years late. A. puts on tefillin for the first time

At 50, a Jew Born to a Christian-Arabs Celebrates His Bar Mitzvah at the Kosel

A.'s eyes filled with tears when the minyan organized on his behalf early one morning last week at the Kosel broke out in a round of Siman Tov, u'Mazal Tov and pulled him into their circle of exuberant dancing.
Missionary provocation: The "New Testament" in Yiddish that was distributed in Meah Sheari

Missionaries Distribute 'New Testament' in Yiddish in Meah Shearim

The chutzpah of the Messianic Jews cult knows no bounds. This week, as part of a widespread missionary campaign that began a month ago focusing on chareidi neigborhoods in Yerushalayim, residents on Meah Shearim Street were stunned to discover copies of the "New Testament" – in Yiddish!
Campers receive instructions before beginning a fun activity

Jewish Children Rescued from Arab Villages Attend Yad L'Achim Camps

Some 50 children born to Jewish mothers and Arab fathers participated in special, separate camps organized for them by Yad L'Achim. The children were rescued with their mothers over the past year and have been under the ongoing care of social workers and mentors assigned by Yad L'Achim.
Yad L'Achim Celebrates Moving Wedding of Third-Generation of Mixed Marriage

Yad L'Achim Celebrates Moving Wedding of Third-Generation of Mixed Marriage

There wasn't a dry eye in the wedding hall in central Israel last week. The guests understood that this was no ordinary couple and their marriage was no ordinary simchah.
Participants at a Yad L'Achim lecture in France listen in rapt attention

Yad L'Achim Team Dispatched to France to Run Counter-Assimilation Programs

A special Yad L'Achim team returned last week from France, where it ran programs aimed at countering assimilation among students in local Jewish schools.
Last Will and Testament of a Yad L'Achim Survivor: My Children Must Continue to Live as Jews

Last Will and Testament of a Yad L'Achim Survivor: My Children Must Continue to Live as Jews

The phone call from Gila, a Yad L'Achim survivor, to one of the organization's social workers was moving and dramatic. "I have to undergo surgery that my doctors say I may not recover from. On the other hand, I have no choice but to go ahead with it. I want to write a will, and to ensure it is legal, I want to do it with one of your lawyers."
The Rishon Lezion, Hagaon Harav Yitzchak Yosef, receives the children in his office

Children Rescued from Arab Villages Visit Chief Rabbi Before Undergoing Symbolic Bris

A symbolic circumcision (hatafas dam bris) was held last week for Jewish children who were recently rescued from hostile Arab villages by Yad L'Achim.
Accountant Menachem Ackerman supervises the drawing

'This Year I Merited to Receive the Torah Twice,' Says Yad L'Achim's Raffle Winner

The winners of Yad L'Achim's eighth annual sefer Torah raffle, held last Thursday, the third of Sivan, were Ariel and Oranit Sadeh of Petach Tikvah.
Members of the Falash Mura tribe in a Jewish Agency camp in the Gondar district of Ethiopia

Yad L'Achim Warns: Diaspora Affairs Ministry Planning to Bring to Israel 60 Million People with 'Affinity' for Judaism

A committee appointed by Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennet has determined that there are 60 million people around the world who have an affinity for Judaism and the state of Israel, and that there are communities among them that could be candidates for Judaism and Israeli citizenship.

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