Terrorists' Pictures Convince Jewish Woman to Sever Ties with Arab Suitor


(Photo credit: Magen David Adom)
A rigged terrorist car meant to be detonated amid a large crowd of people was stopped by police at the entrance to Jerusalem

Two Arab women who posted pictures of terrorists on their Facebook page, together with words of praise for their deeds, inadvertently convinced a Jewish girl to end her relationship with an Arab man.

The story begins with M., a Jewish girl in Israel from a stable, well-established family. She worked at a shopping center in Jerusalem where she met a modern Arab youth who spoke flawless Hebrew and acted like an Israeli in every way He told her that he lived in Beit Lechem and that while his father was Arab, his mother was Jewish.

As the relationship developed, he asked her to visit his family in Beit Lechem. His parents and siblings extended a very warm welcome and his mother revealed that she was actually born Jewish and grew up in Haifa, where she met her future Arab husband.

Her eyes filled with tears when she related that her Jewish family had cut of all contact with her because of her marriage to an Arab. Her daughters, who were seated beside her, nodded along, as if their mother's story was well-known to them.

The Arab suitor did everything to prove that he was Jewish, even taking her to the Western Wall from time to time for prayers. One Friday, when she was visiting his parents' home, M. saw his mother lighting candles, and was told that this was in honor of Shabbos.

The relationship continued for months, but M. had nagging doubts about the mother's tale of being born Jewish. What was particularly suspicious was her Arab accent. One day, she told her boyfriend that she had a feeling something was being kept from her. She urged him to open up, promising to stay with him no matter what. To her shock, he admitted that his mother was an Arab from birth.

M. felt hurt and deceived, but was moved by his tears and pleas that she stay with him. She was confused: logic told her she should leave, but emotion won out and she continued the relationship.

This past Rosh Hashanha eve, M. heard about Yad L'Achim and contacted the organization for advice and counseling. She met with a Yad L'Achim social worker and explained her dilemma: On the one hand, she wanted to marry a Jew; on the other, it was difficult to cut off the strong relationship with him, especially since his entire family had been so warm and supportive towards her.

M. acceded to the social worker's request that they keep in touch, and appeared to be taking her advice. Nonetheless, she was having difficult in reaching the obvious decisions. The social worker continued the relationship, engaging in heart-to-heart talks on the devastating impact of her relationship with an Arab.

The turnaround came when the suitor's aunts, forgetting that M. was Facebook friends with them, posted pictures of terrorists responsible for recent atrocities accompanied by words of support and praise.

At that moment M. understand that her intended's family was Jew-haters and all the affection they had showered her with was just a show. She immediately cut off all ties with him.

Then she called the Yad L'Achim social worker and proudly notified her of what she'd just done.

Yad L'Achim continues to be in touch with M. to help her reconnect to her people, learn about Judaism and develop a love for its tenets.

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