Closing of a Circle: Survivors of Arab Village Enrolled in Torah Schools

A Yad L'Achim rescue from area under control of the Palestinian Authority. (Enlarge)
A Yad L'Achim rescue from area under control of the Palestinian Authority.

Half a year ago, in a meticulously planned operation, Yad L'Achim succeeded in rescuing S. and her three children from an Arab village in the south of Israel to a secret safe house in the center of the country.

Prior to the rescue, S. suffered violent abuse at the hands of her husband, who wouldn't let her leave the house and who subjected her to constant humiliation in front of her helpless children. After mustering the emotional strength, S. reached out to Yad L'Achim.

The organization's top professionals entered the picture and drew up a rescue plan that extricated her from danger, right under the nose of the violent husband, originally a resident of the Palestinian Authority. A short while later, when the Arab entered Israel illegally, he was arrested by security forces who had been appraised of the situation by Yad L'Achim.

At one point, a suspicious telephone call was received at Yad L'Achim's offices. On the line was a woman who identified herself as a friend of S., who had lost her cell number and needed it to get in touch with her. Yad L'Achim obviously refused to supply the information, and later learned that the caller had been acting on behalf of the Arab husband.

For more than four months, S. and her children lived in the secret safe house, which had been fully furnished and stocked by Yad L'Achim. During this time the children were under the constant care of Yad L'Achim's devoted staff of professional mentors.

This week the circle closed when all of the children began studying in a Torani school in the north, after Yad L'Achim rented a fitting apartment for the family in the area.

"Baruch Hashem, thanks to the amazing souls at Yad L'Achim, we are embarking on the high road," the mother said this week in a voice shaking with emotion.

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